F1 Sidecar

F1 Sidecar


Specialised F1 sidecar tyres made in a Kevlar construction, designed to perform to the direct needs of a top world class F1 sidecar.

  • Specific intermediate and wet weather tyres are available for hand cutting
  • Avon Motorsport strongly recommends that a scrubbing in procedure is used when ever possible to get the best performance from a tyre.

Typical F1 sidecar setup (LCR chassis)
Front - 8.2/20.0-13, Slick - 11207, Wet - 14140
Chair - 10.0/20.0-13, Slick - 12509, Wet - 14251
Rear - 10.0/21.5-14, Slick 14639  Wet - 14268

Avon Tyres Motorsport reserve the right to alter tyre specifications at any time, and without prior notice.
Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the data herein but no liability can be accepted for errors or omissions.

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